The Gun Quarter is a district of the city of Birmingham, England, which was for many years a centre of the world’s gun-manufacturing industry, specialising in the production of military firearms and sporting guns. It is an industrial area to the north of the city centre, bounded by Steelhouse Lane, Shadwell Street and Loveday Street.

Following the Big City Plan of 2008, the Gun Quarter is now a district within Birmingham City Centre; however, there are not currently any plans in place to redevelop the Gun Quarter.

So before the spineless, idealess Birmingham City Council come up with the radical idea of creating flats and offices, this page is dedicated to the local people and businesses who wish to regenerate the Birmingham Gun Quarter for the future with the Gun trade at the heart of any plans.

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  1. Karl Field

    Hi im not a business owner or a local but I am a brummie and my paternal grandfathers worked and lived in the gq in the 1800,s so o am keen to preserve this amazing area

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  2. So glad I found your website, I cannot believe how many historic buildings have been demolished surrounding around Birmingham gun manufactures, it is time to put a stop of destroying Birmingham once proud history to make way for modern architecture, which my guess wont withstand a 100 plus years of standing before that to will be demolished.

    As an cityscape artist showing Birmingham I am so proud of our city and looking to painting the Gun Quarter and showing our proud history these buildings it appears that so many have been lost, in recent years.

    I do hope any future plans will be to preserve these outstanding architecture buildings and keep them for future generations to appreciate our industrial pass.

    Yours Paula Gabb


    1. Steve Horton - W Horton & Sons est 1855

      We concur Paula, thankfully what remains is listed. We are revitalising what is left and putting it to use for what it is intended for. Gun related activity, both making and repairing.


      1. Many thanks for your reply sorry just found it hidden away in emails. I feel it’s important to show and keep Birmingham history alive for the future, I am a artist currently painting Birmingham history going back to the late 1800’s to the present day. How ever to do this I have to search the net for old historic photos and then search again to find the story behind them. Which is very time consuming and sorry to say not very successful at times. When I painted a period painting I like to supply some notes about the history within my Certificate of Authenticity, so the purchaser of the art will also have some background what they brought.

        I have done several paintings of the Jewellery Quarter which are available/showing at the Pig & Tail in the Jewellery Quarter and wish to do the same for the Gun Quarter in order to do this I would like to know which streets covered the Gun Quarter this will enable me to trace for old photos and hopefully be able to find some history about them.

        I will be part of an exhibition at the Gunmakers Arms next month for a week with a selection of art around the Gun Quarter, however I wish to grown my collection of the Gun Quarter to cover its history along with notes about the locations. This exhibition is part of Anchor Gallery at the pub, so I hope you will be able to pop in and view my art.

        In November I also taking part in Hidden Talents Fine Art Exhibition with The Arches Project Gallery on Adderley Street, Digbeth I will be showing yet again the history of Birmingham. During 3-17 November 2017

        Both exhibitions I hope will capture the interest of our history of Birmingham.

        Therefore websites like yours are a vital source of information for me as an artist and to be able to share this with others as well.

        Many thanks and good luck with your project to save what we still have and lets hope it becomes a destination for tourists to visit for its history of the Gun Quarter.

        If you are interested in my art please pop along, at presently I have not put what I will be showing prior to the exhibitions on my websites but if you wish to view my collection of the Jewellery Quarter please check out my album collection https:www.facebook.com/paulasabout.artist

        Kind regards

        Paula Gabb


  3. Callum Thomas Bourke

    Hello, my name is Callum Bourke, I am studying Building Surveying at Birmingham City University (Final Year) and am writing to you concerning my module; ‘Conservation Issues In Practice’. As part of our coursework we are to write a report on conservation issues relating to the Gun Quarter and to a specific building within the area.

    The Brief is as follows: You have been commissioned to provide a heritage report on an area and an external visual appraisal of conservation-related issues on one individual building within the area. The “client” could be real or fictitious; owner, occupier, local authority, potential funding body, etc. You do not have explicitly to identify the client.

    The report must include:

    An external visual assessment of the selected building; identifying the heritage value of the building (addresses learning outcomes 1 and 2), identifying potential conservation-related problems (addresses learning outcomes 2 and 3) and prioritising remedial actions (which will need to consider impact on the building’s heritage value and character) (addresses learning outcome 4).

    I am therefore seeking advice from local people and businesses within the area regarding the above. I am also looking for a local business in which I can focus my case study. This won’t mean I will be taking up days of your time, just an hour for me to take some photos and get to know a little bit about the history of the building.

    I am passionate about this city and passionate about its history and its future. I welcome any suggestions and I would like to thank you for your time.



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