John Rigby & Co pledge support for the Gunsmith Academy

Steven Horton (MD of W Horton & Sons) who is leading the initiative on the Birmingham Gunsmith Academy met with Marc Newton (MD of John Rigby & Co) at the Rigby premises in London.

Marc was very keen to understand the plans behind academy and what the gunsmith standard will produce. The John Rigby & Co business has benefited hugely from the structured training provided by a variety of gunsmithing schools on the continent. So naturally Marc is very keen to get involved with the new Academy initiative at its inception.

By getting involved at this early stage means that John Rigby & Co have an input into the department of education standard for ‘Gunsmith’.

Marc commented ‘this is a fantastic initiative that is very long overdue in the UK, it is great to be on board’.

If you are a gunmaker in the UK, now is the time to get involved and help set the standard. There can only ever be one apprenticeship standard accredited by the UK Government. 


Gun Proof Tour

Did you know you can book yourself on a tour of the Birmingham Proof House? The Proof house was designed by John Horton and built by a group of Birmingham Gunmakers in 1813, one of only two gun proof houses in the UK.  It is restricted to a group size of c10 and the cost is £150 per group (with biscuits included). Contact the proof house direct if you’d like to book on a tour. Click here

Latest News from the Quarter

The new website is coming along nicely. We’ll be adding a list and photos of all the residents (Gunmakers/smiths & the pubs of course). We’ll also include the Proof house etc.

The other items that are moving along;

Gunsmith Academy

In discussion with South Birmingham College to create a recognised Gunsmithing course. We know that the traditional manner of serving an apprentice has been the way for years, we don’t want to deviate too much from this. However a recognised qualification under written by an accredited body such as ‘City & Guilds’, ‘BTEC’ etc will allow an educational provider to obtain grants per student per academic year from the Government.

The grants can then be diverted to semi retiring gunsmiths to teach the next generation. The students get the best of both worlds and we can select the tutors who deliver the best training. The students will also spend time doing general ‘Engineering’ and learning CNC techniques from different industries, this will bring new ideas from outside of the trade.

Once we know more, we’ll be approaching various Gun related organisations for support – yes this means dipping into cash reserves and helping out the next generation!

Exciting stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Gun trade rental incentives

With a handful of units available in the Quarter, the focus is now on bringing gun trade businesses back into the area. With units from as little as £850 per year and 12 months free rent (available to gun trade only). The area and wider Birmingham is crying out for a good Air Gun retailer.

Well that’s it for now, if you have any questions please get in touch through the website, facebook or twitter.